Tuesday 20 February 2024


I'm offering these EXTRA 7 paintings of mine at silly prices until further notice, all now available at the click of a button, HERE

Monday 12 February 2024

 Greetings Followers.

I'm very excited to say that we have three new watercolours in the gallery, by the incredibly talented Tom Shepherd. Tom has everything - he is one of the most gifted watercolourists in the UK, has a lovely demeanor, handsome, a flamboyant signature, a great teacher, and even looks like an artist, with an enviable mop of curly hair - yes, he's almost exactly like me...30 years ago!  He was an immediate hit with collectors when we first had his work a couple of years back, and I have no doubt these beautiful paintings will not last very long, either.
They're all framed with ArtGlass70 - super-clear, virtually reflection-free, with 70% UV protection, which is expensive, but SO worth it, especially for paintings THIS good! Read more HERE


Tuesday 30 January 2024

Very special OFFERS!

I'm offering these 6 paintings of mine at knockdown prices until further notice, but to see the prices, just join the PBFA Members Club, at https://www.peterbarkerfineart.co.uk/pages/members-club-1 - you can unsubscribe anytime, there's no charge, no commitment, no catch, so no reason not to join...what are you waiting for?!

The original prices are still showing on the website, but to buy at the offer prices, call me on 07591 472228, or email me and I can take secure payment over the phone.



Wednesday 31 May 2023

New Peter Barker oil paintings in the Gallery, now!

I have these 16 new paintings, below, in the Gallery, with another 10 to follow very soon and for details of all, click here


Wednesday 12 April 2023

Five new abstract, yes, ABSTRACT oil paintings by Peter Barker, in the gallery!

'Blaze', oil 10 x 14 inches, £125 framed

'Clockwork', oil 5 x 7 inches, £75 framed
'Stripe', oil 6 x 8 inches, £85 framed
'Tunnel Vision', oil 6 x 8 inches, £85 framed

'Chaos', oil 5.75 x 6.25 inches, £85 framed

I'm not known for abstract work, and have never had much truck with it, but when you have a duff old painting, and a load of paint left on the palette, why not have some fun, so here are the results, if anyone's interested! All are framed with a dark blue floating box frame, and you can buy them in the gallery, or online here.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

As in so many industires, artists are finding it tough trying to sell luxury goods like paintings, but we're not all going to stop painting, SO, to make way for new work, most of our artists have reduced the price of their work. Like in the pandemic, the NHS (New Hot Sale) is buckling under the pressure of administration...

Here are some for you to consider - click on an image or the title to go to the relevant page of the website, or on the artist's name to see all of their work - lots more on offer!

 Open Sesame
by Jamel Akib
Oil 24 x 36 inches
£1850  £1425

Sparkling Water, Borrowdale

by Peter Barker RSMA

Pastel 13 x 19 inches

£1495  £1250

November Rain, Brimpton
by Robert Bashford
 Watercolour 9.5 x 12 inches
£475  £375

Porthleven Harbour
by Nigel Fletcher
Watercolour 13.75 x 19.5 inches
£795  £595

by Carl Knibb
 Acrylic 20 x 31.5 inches
£925  £775

An Attentive Waiter
by Trevor Lingard
Watercolour 11 x 15 inches
£550  £475

Me Time
by Mark Shattock
Oil 16 x 16 inches
£650  £550

Tawny Owl
by Tom Shepherd
Watercolour 14.5 x 21.5 inches
£425  £325

Barn Near Pendeen
by Richard Thorn SWAc
Acrylic ink and Watercolour 13.5 x 18 inches
£1195  £950

Figure with Platinum Blonde Hair
by Alex Tzavaras
Charcoal 16 x 12 inches
£895  £650

Saturday 15 October 2022

Peter Barker paintings reduced in price!

A lot of my paintings are reduced in price - read our latest newsletter HERE, and see all the paintings on sale HERE